Nissan gets serious with toy cars

Maintaining an image of excellent finish, tidy panel fit, and that general aura of Japanese engineering smugness, Nissan point to their latest testing apparatus, seemingly in a dolls-house world of miniature.

I’m sure it’s quite accurate for their assessments, but it seems the water and brush effects haven’t been scaled down so as to not represent a category 5 hurricane combined with God’s Oral-B 9000. Should make for some high quality paint then.

Actually, the model car isn’t routinely used, rather metal strips seen as the yellow in the pictures. I can’t blame anyone who works with this tiny jet wash with 180rpm brush for putting a scale model in there. This research done in Michigan based Nissan Technical Center North America, usually much more serious I’m sure.

Full realism achieved with ‘Arizona dirt’ applied prior to washing (might not actually be from Arizona).

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